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New Album

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Out Sept 17
Voyeur is a love letter in real time. Beautiful dueling but cohesive harmonies of these two set the landscape.
Written about the challenges of being in the world of social media yet falling in love with your partner all over again while scrolling your screen and watching your partner in awe.

This is truly "Act 3" for Arienne and Charlie.. and what an act it is! Stream it here now!
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Loving Day written to commemorate the lives of Richard and Mildred Loving and the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision they earned in 1966, Loving vs. Virginia.

Loving Day is as important to Charlie and Arienne as it is to any couple who enjoys the rights and ability to love whomever they choose regardless of skin tone or hue.

"Our Love with Lovely Hues" echoes in this instant soulful jazz classic. This one is as heartfelt as it gets.  Listen to it here and save it to your playlist today!
An original piece telling a tale of kitten and mouse that is based on a true story in the lives of Arienne and Charlie.
The question, "where are my clothes?"  The answer?  Listen here to find out!
Revisiting their first song after over 200k streams in 60 days, Arienne Hearts Charlie goes through a name change and pieces together a terrific ensemble.
Albert, Joylin, Ben, and Will join the show! The War & Spirit Jazz band on full display with this one.
Solitude-naked version
Arienne and Charlie make magic in the studio with a stripped down version of this Billie Holiday classic, "Solitude'.
Guitar and vocal only creating a "naked version" that has been streamed over 200k times. Add this to the playlist of your favorite music platform.

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