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Arienne Hearts Charlie is an all-encompassing jazz-based love affair that shows the world just how committed and connected two musicians can be. Vocalist Arienne and guitarist Charlie make amazing jazz/big band music that’s lush, enveloping, and attracting new fans every day.

This is GREAT music.
What elevates all of this to a higher plane is that Arienne and Charlie are a married couple, with a heavy dose of passion in tow, raising a blended family of ten and are also clinical mental health therapists specializing in couples therapy, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. 

Their journey doesn't stop there. They’ve even written three books together (PTSD & Sex, Fifty Shades of Maybe - A Loving Introduction to Kink Possible (you read that right), and Fight Night- A Relationship Conflict Resolution Program). Their practices can be found at and Their music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and wherever you are streaming music today.

Arienne Hearts Charlie is a deep and lucid reflection of every level of love shared by these two incredible humans who were fortunate enough to find each other and still call each other “Babygirl” and “Daddy.” Their love is no show. Their energy for the other drives this union. Cynics beware, they are something to envy.

"Arienne and Charlie both come from Louisiana and actually lived a block apart for a time during their coming-up years unaware. Their relationship exploded after college and their lives became one. Now, they’re united as musicians and professionals and model healthy relationship patterns in all aspects of life. They have a unique jazz sound built on a true soul connection that’s evident in everything they do. Their humility shines through until they hit the mic. With a hint of Arienne's country roots and mind blowing vocals and Charlie's evident R&B flare with vocals that can hold their own, these guys are the real deal. Fans seeking a well orchestrated fresh dose of passion, energy, trust, and lust to jumpstart their playlists need to discover Arienne Hearts Charlie tonight." - Mike Oculli

Arienne Hearts Charlie
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